Cognitive Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Minerva Intelligence provides artificial intelligence solutions that help you organize and get more out of your data.
Our AI platform thrives in the presence of complex data structures and in domains where training data sets are insufficient for the application of machine learning.
Minerva’s technology merges modern computational speed and accuracy with the vast knowledge human beings have accumulated.

This is cognitive AI.

Mining & Exploration

TERRA Mining AI Suite

The TERRA Mining AI Suite addresses many of today challenges in mineral exploration and mining. TERRA provides solutions to organize and get the most out of all types of data, from documents to drilling assays. While exploration and extraction continues to get more and more challenging, TERRA reduces internal costs and can help increase success in the field.


Climate Risk

GAIA Climate Risk AI

Minerva’s GAIA platform enables AI-assisted standardization of data and terminology from a variety of sources, allowing clients to use the data to not only effectively map natural hazard-susceptible regions in 3D, but to explain the resultant data and advise what should be done to mitigate a disaster before it strikes. GAIA helps separate hazard from risk so that the key decision-makers have the best information when they need it most.


Other Applications

The Minerva AI Platform is available and applicable for other industries with the need to organize and access complex technical data. We can tailor our products and services for your applications in land use planning, environmental planning, healthcare, real estate, insurance markets, and more. 


Our Services


Complex Knowledge and Data

We employ human experts to record knowledge into semantic networks with consistent terminology to enable a unique cognitive AI approach.


Create New Knowledge

Minerva’s proprietary AI platform uses logic programming and reasoning with uncertainty to produce products of value to its clients.


Explain to Generate Trust

Our AI platform produces results that are auditable, with explanations that reveal why the AI has reached the conclusions shown in its output.


Advise to Provide Actionable Insight

Industry recommendations can be represented in the system to quickly provide high-quality advice.



Augmented reality and web mapping visualizations maximize the potential for discovery.



Our multi-disciplinary team of analysts, developers, academics, and industry advisors help optimize your assets for AI.

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