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The world of big data is waking up to the realization that the 2010s was the decade of “knowledge-free learning”: vast troves of knowledge have been accumulated in every discipline known to man, but this vast amount of data has its own challenges, chiefly that it is often unable to be utilized effectively due to its enormous size and the lack of interoperability between its various sources. Further, there are numerous real-world problems where there is insufficient labeled data for AI/Machine Learning to work well, and in such situations, knowledge and reasoning augmentation will be required.

We believe the next decade will be one in which expert human knowledge becomes integrated with machine learning. That’s where Minerva Intelligence shines.

Minerva’s unique technology allows data to be collected, organized, and accessed by machine-learning technology, including our proprietary artificial intelligence applications. The results can be queried by people within an organization, and, more importantly, can be reasoned with by AI to come up with solutions that would normally be too complex or esoteric to be accomplished by humans alone.

Our cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies are domain agnostic, with the potential for application in fields from healthcare to insurance to any field where vast amounts of data have been collected.

Minerva has already field-tested and validated our technologies in the resource mining and natural hazards domains, and we have products under development for application in the healthcare and insurance industries.

The future of knowledge capture is bright, and Minerva Intelligence is leading the charge with our state-of-the-art technologies.

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