With state-of-the-art climate science and AI, Minerva is leading the charge towards a better understanding of the Earth.


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Minerva is focused on delivering high quality software and data analytics products. climate85 is Minerva’s flagship product offering, real estate, insurance and government sectors with the tools and data needed to make significant cost and time savings. climate85 provides timeseries and climate risk probabilities ofextreme events for temperature (e.g. heatwaves and cold snaps), precipitation, windstorm, flooding, and wildfire across Canada with the capilibilty to expand this data worldwide.

With a client base that includes branches of the Canadian government our technology has gained a robust and trusted reputation. 

Investing in Minerva Intelligence allows you to participate in the most important industries driving the global economy today. Through cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices, our goal is to become an industry leader in AI and technology while maximizing the returns for our shareholders and building long-term value for our clients along the way.

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You can reach out to Investor Relations direct by phone or email: Morgan Knowles 647.202.3904 or mknowles@minervaintelligence.com

climate85 provides physical climate risk information for all of Canada. This includes the risk of heatwave, extreme precipitation, windstorm, flooding and wildfire under various climate change scenarios up to the year 2100. climate85 data can be delivered by API or through our climate intelligence dashboard, access to both of which are licenced on an annual basis.

Our technology has potential applications in a wide range of industries including, health care, agriculture, forestry and engineering.

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Artificial Intelligence is foundational to who we are as a company and it underpins our technology. DRIVER uses unsupervised Machine learning to facilitate the 3D modelling and clustering of drilling data. Climate85 uses a variety of AI techniques in the bias correction and downscaling our climate data.