The Minerva AI Platform is available and applicable for virtually any other industries with the need to organize and access complex technical and scientific data. We can tailor our products and services for your applications in land use planning, environmental planning, healthcare, real estate, insurance markets, and more. 


EO is a system for managing a corporation’s digital knowledge assets. It uses a combination of standardized and customized taxonomies, automatic tag assigning, and optimized search functionality to allow users to efficiently find and share their data. LEO was originally developed for the mineral exploration industry, but due to its domain-agnostic design, it can be applied to any industry by simply changing the taxonomy. 

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ACE is a free software application developed by Minerva to build taxonomies for use in artificial intelligence applications. ACE, which stands for Aristotelian Class Editor, works differently from other programs by inferring the hierarchy of a taxonomy from the descriptions of each term. ACE can then create a variety of different taxonomies from the same set of descriptions at the click of a mouse. ACE enables any company to harness their historical 

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