DRIVER finds critical multi-element zones for exploration and geometallurgy







DRIVER Webinar

Watch the video for our recent webinar on how DRIVER can dig into your multi-element drilling data and generate hundreds of different interpolations for analysis and identify areas of interest that were impossible to see before.


Drilling projects often focus only on a few economic elements for vectoring or decisions, losing the value of the dozens of elements available in their assays.  



DRIVER takes multi-element assays and generate hundreds of different interpolations and scans them for critical multi-element zones for exploration and geometallurgy.


The multi-element relationships are identified and checked against mineral deposit knowledge to suggest a subset of zones for detailed evaluation via a cognitive advice system that gives suggestions. 

Exploration projects can use DRIVER insights to vector in on mineralization to improve future drilling, and to aid in geometallurgical analyses by noting which economic zones are spatially coincident with deleterious elements.  


Evrim Resources

Dave Caulfield, P. Geo

“Evrim has successfully utilized LEO to organize and search large numbers of scanned exploration documents in its proprietary property-file collections. With LEO, we are able to quickly search through hundreds of documents using keyword searches and obtain a listing of relevant documents along with contextual reference and a listing of other key geological words in the document. The resulting information is particularly useful in identifying geological features to support early exploration target concepts in targeted terranes.”

Dave Caulfield, G. Geo.

Shawn Ryan

Shawn Ryan

“By using Minerva’s cognitive AI to identify the geochemical relationships between various structures, we can essentially get an unbiased second opinion to augment our own exploration effort and at a price that’s about the cost of a single RAB hole.”

Shawn Ryan, Chief Technical Advisor

Nathaniel Tougas, P. Eng.

Nathaniel Tougas

“By using Minerva’s cognitive AI to identify relationships between various geomorphological parameters, we can essentially get an unbiased second opinion to augment our own geohazard assessment. The GAIA Landslide Map provides geological engineers with AI tools and insights that have never been available in our field, and this is truly exciting to me.”

Nathaniel Tougas, P. Eng.

Lionel Jackson

“Minerva’s synergy of AI with the fruits of Earth science research is not limited to mineral exploration… its AI is powerfully applying geotechnical knowledge to natural hazards avoidance and risk management faster than is possible with humans alone. The results are transparent to stake-holders.”

Lionel Jackson, P.Geo.
Adjunct Professor, Earth Sciences Department, Simon Fraser University

Massimilano Alvioli

“Minerva Intelligence provides knowledge for engineering, services and applications based on advanced AI. Through a semantic approach, they explain complex physical models to scientists, practitioners and non-experts.”

Massimilano Alvioli – Researcher, CNR-IRPI
Institute for Research in Hydro-Geological Hazards of the Italian National Research Council

Sarah Morgan

“The SLRD Emergency Program relies on quality hazard information to make informed decisions for public safety and Minerva Intelligence contributes to the field of innovative professionals.”

Sarah Morgan, Emergency Program Manager
Squamish-Lillooet Regional District

Exploration Consultant

“This is a fantastic automatized tool for generating exploration targets and workable areas.”

Exploration consultant on behalf of Giga Metals' TARGET project.

Brent Ward, P. Geo.

“Minerva is bringing cutting-edge technology to natural hazard management.”

Brent Ward, P.Geo.
Professor and Chair, Earth Sciences Department, Co-Director, Centre for Natural Hazards Research, Simon Fraser University

John J. Clague

“Minerva Intelligence is bringing the power of artificial intelligence to geology. Their AI approach can help bridge the gap between scientists and decision-makers in fostering disaster risk reduction and emergency management.”

John J. Clague, PhD, FRSC, OC
Department of Earth Sciences - Simon Fraser University

Marco Giardino

”Minerva Intelligence leverages standards and interoperable data to foster disaster risk reduction… an absolute game-changer in emergency management!”

Marco Giardino, Associate Professor in Applied Geomorphology
University of Torino; Co-chair, Working Group on Landform Geodiversity; IAG - International Association of Geomorphologists Direction Committee; UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Development and Territory Management
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