Quarterly newsletter for the first quarter of 2021

Sam Cantor, Minerva’s Head of Economic Geology, will sit on a panel discussing Digitization and Innovation in Mining at PDAC 2021 Wed. March 10 at 5:30pm EST.

This session will discuss the benefits of embracing innovative technologies and the impact for investment attractiveness through a discussion on how the mining and mineral sectors can connect with various digital and artificial intelligence services.

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You may have heard of our TERRA products before, but have you ever wondered exactly what they are and how they work?

From harmonizing poorly structured data to optimizing under-utilized drilling data with 3D analysis, Minerva’s Cognitive AI-fueled products enhance machine learning with human intelligence.

For more information on TERRA visit our website or check out our walkthrough guides available on YouTube here.

Minerva has developed unique AI-powered interactive webmaps for our GAIA Natural Hazards AI Suite. Our applications help users identify various geohazards so they can be dealt with before they become disasters, such as floods and landslides. We have developed landslide maps for the Sea to Sky Highway in BC, Canada, as well as in Veneto, Italy. We also have a demo map of our flood map project (hint: click on the photo). We are also currently working on developing a GAIA Wildfire interactive map… stay tuned for more details!

Minerva Intelligence is pleased to announce the filing of a technology patent for DRIVER, the Company’s 3D multi-element data analysis software! 
Minerva recently filed a patent for our unique DRIVER application.

DRIVER revolutionizes the mining and exploration industries by, for the first time, being able to utilize the vast geochemical database that results from modern multi-element ICP analysis of drilling samples – typically datasets that cost many millions of dollars to collect.  Uniquely, DRIVER utilizes ALL available multi-element data for a project, not simply the subset of potentially revenue-generating metals that mining companies focus on because they do not have the time to work with the other elements reported by the laboratory. 

Take a look at DRIVER on our website here.

The Minerva team recently had an article published on the European Geosciences Union website on Natural Hazards and Earth Systems. We have also been working with Ainaz Hajimoradlou, Minerva-UBC Mitacs Masters student, who presented the work done with us at the International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence Organization. Click here to check it out. 

TARGET, Minerva’s AI-fueled prospect generation software, recently received significant validation by Giga Metals in Brazil’s Sao Francisco Basin. 

Giga Metals retained Minerva to evaluate a massive regional geochemical dataset, leading to recent acquisition of 24 exploration permits over a strike length of 80 kilometers in an area with known “Kupferschiefer-style” sediment hosted copper mineralization. 

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