Tame your documents

With LEO - Language Extender & Organizer

LEO is a system for managing a corporation’s digital knowledge assets. It uses a combination of standardized and customized taxonomies, automatic tag assigning, and optimized search functionality to allow users to efficiently find and share their data. LEO was originally developed for the mineral exploration industry, but due to its domain-agnostic design, it can be applied to any industry by simply changing the taxonomy.

LEO can be purchased either as part of the TERRA Mining AI Suite, or as a stand-alone product.

For Economic Geology Applications


LEO addresses the knowledge management needs of minerals exploration companies which are not engaged in mining. LEO Pro addresses the need within medium-to-large mining companies to achieve interoperability between their exploration, mining, metallurgical and environmental remediation knowledge assets.

For Cross Industry Applications

One of the biggest problems in any large company today is the vast reams of data that companies hold. Whether it’s legacy data, digital archives, or current databases, the sheer volume of data many companies hold makes it impossible to effectively manage it, let alone utilize it effectively.

LEO is application agnostic and allows any organization in any industry to use semanticsSemantic technology leverages artificial intelligence to simulate how people understand language and process information. By approaching the automatic understanding of meanings, semantic technology overcomes the limits of other AI technologies-based AI systems, such as those provided by Minerva, to a much greater effect.