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Prepping your data for AI

ACE is a free software application developed by Minerva to build taxonomies for use in artificial intelligence applications. ACE, which stands for Aristotelian Class Editor, works differently from other programs by inferring the hierarchy of a taxonomy from the descriptions of each term. ACE can then create a variety of different taxonomies from the same set of descriptions at the click of a mouse. ACE enables any company to harness their historical data – whatever form it’s currently in – to standardize and sort it so it may be processed by artificial intelligence applications like our GAIA and TERRA software suites.

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For a primeur on ontological classificationThe computation of the subsumption hierarchies for classes and properties, Aristotle’s fundamental contribution to knowledge engineering, please click here for an extract from “Artificial Intelligence: foundations of computational agents”, Cambridge University Press, 2017.

An Introduction to ACE