Minerva Intelligence Releases GAIA Interactive Landslide Map for BC’s Sea to Sky Region



Vancouver, BC – Minerva Intelligence Inc. (TSXV:MVAI) (“Minerva” or the “Company”), an artificial intelligence company focused on knowledge engineering, is pleased to announce the release of its Sea to Sky Landslide Map to the general public. The map uses proprietary artificial intelligence technology developed by Minerva and marks the Company’s first Software as a Service (SaaS) product being used in a commercial capacity.

The Sea to Sky Landslide Map, part of Minerva’s GAIA Natural Hazards AI platform, represents a pilot project for Minerva, whereby the Company has amalgamated a vast and complex array of publicly available databases and combined it with their unique cognitive AI technology to build an interactive, constantly-updated webmap of BC’s Sea to Sky region.

The GAIA Landslide Map user interface

The GAIA Sea to Sky Landslide Map is an interactive webmap showing landslide susceptibility for BC’s Sea to Sky region. The map uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to assess where a landslide might occur so that consulting geologists, homeowners, insurance underwriters, and other interested users can take appropriate steps to manage the hazard.

Minerva’s GAIA Natural Hazards AI platform uses the Company’s proprietary cognitive AI technology to provide unique insights by (a) quickly identifying hazard zones by analyzing multiple publicly available datasets (b) visualizing multiple hazards simultaneously including debris flow, slides in soil, and slides in rock (c), assessing current, 24-hour and 48-hour hazard forecasts based on weather conditions, and (d) expressing the attributes and the scoring system used to produce the hazard assessment in plain language.

“By using Minerva’s cognitive AI to identify relationships between various geomorphological parameters, we can essentially get an unbiased second opinion to augment our own geohazard assessment,” said Nathaniel Tougas, P. Eng, a geohazard consultant in British Columbia. “The GAIA Landslide Map provides geological engineers with AI tools and insights that have never been available in our field, and this is truly exciting to me.”

 “We are thrilled to be debuting a SaaS product in the natural hazard space, furthering our strategy of applying our technology to geohazard consulting and insurance sectors,” said Scott Tillman, CEO of Minerva Intelligence. “While this is the first phase of the GAIA Natural Hazard AI project, we are optimistic that the Sea to Sky Landslide Map will showcase the vast scope of what Minerva’s technology is capable of.”

Mr. Tillman continued, “The GAIA Natural Hazard AI platform represents a significant opportunity for our technology to help in natural hazard risk analysis and disaster risk reduction initiatives, and this application further validates our belief that there is a real need and demand for what Minerva’s software is able to offer. We look forward to expanding the scope of the map to include more locations in the near future.”

The Sea to Sky Landslide Map is available free to the public for a promotional period before moving to a subscription model. Users can access the maps at https://www.minervageohazards.com/.