Climate 85 - Minerva Intelligence

Minerva’s climate85 empowers business owners, investors and portfolio managers to assess the impact of climate change to your business.

See the Impact of Climate Change on Your Business

climate85 empowers business owners and investors to combat the growing threat of climate change to their investments. It is a practical and forward thinking resource for anyone who wants to protect their business from extreme weather, wildfires, floods and other climate events.

Become Climate Change Resilient

What is climate85?

We improve the understanding of climate change impacts and help multiple industries identify and adapt to these growing risks.

climate85 provides climate and socio-economic data to deliver forward-looking physical risk ratings linked to climate change up to the year 2100, under multiple IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) climate change scenarios.

Why it Matters

climate85 is Bringing the Climate Conversation Home

It’s no longer just melting ice caps and some far-off reality. Climate change is impacting our everyday life, from the food we eat to the clothes we wear. In order to thrive in this changing world, businesses, investors, and managers need to factor in climate risk when making decisions.

Climate Data Harmonization and Integration for Powerful AI Analytics ​

We use our proprietary data harmonization and integration process to create a unified data set of all available data sources on forecasts, vulnerabilities, and risks related to climate change. Our AI engine then crunches this data to produce powerful insights that help decision-makers better understand climate risk.


We can help transform your business and put your data to work for you.