DRIVER by Minerva


Automatic 3D block modelling for rapid, comprehensive analysis of your entire drilling dataset

DRIVER uses Machine Learning-based statistical models to automate and accelerate 3D modelling of drilling datasets.

DRIVER’S geostatistical engine can quickly and accurately identify the optimal modelling parameters for every attribute in your data, letting you construct the 3D block models and wireframes that fuel dynamic hypothesis testing and informed decision-making.

Fast, Accurate, Comprehensive

Generate 3D block models of your
entire drilling dataset… within minutes.



The Heart of Our ML Algorithm

Calculate the size and orientation of the global anisotropy ellipsoid for stationary datasets or extract locally varying anisotropy fields for accurately modeling complex geometries.
The DRIVER anisotropy algorithm works directly from the data, meaning quick, accurate results that are free from bias.


The Functionality You’ve Always Needed

DRIVER was designed to streamline dynamic hypothesis testing.
Our super-fast spatial overlap algorithm can automatically identify the 3D anomaly zones in your data; it then calculates every theoretically possible multi-attribute spatial overlap combination that exists.

Take full control...or let AI guide your analysis!

DRIVER is designed to be used by beginners and experts alike, allowing even the smallest of operations to incorporate advanced multi-element spatial analysis into their interpretations and project decisions.

DRIVER Primer Series


Jaguar Mining

“In DRIVER, we can produce 3D model realizations of all aspects of our drilling datasets in virtual real-time, bringing us unheard-of benefits for dynamic drill targeting and comprehensive geological deposit understanding. DRIVER is helping our geologists identify important geochemical zones in 3D, and then interactively test the relationships between those zones to help guide our decisions in the field.”

Jon Hill, Vice-President of Exploration

Freeport Resources

“We found Minerva’s analysis and the DRIVER system to be very useful to our understanding of the (Star Mountains) project. DRIVER validated our geologists’ interpretation of the deposit zonation and gave indication of mineral potential beyond known resources on our properties and confirmed it in a fraction of the time. The synthesis of independent methodologies was a valuable contribution to the project and gave us confidence about the results.”

Gord Friesen - Freeport Resources
Gord Friesen, President, CEO & Director

Triumph Gold

“DRIVER is like a silver bullet for exploration targeting. We saved hundreds of thousands of dollars using DRIVER to identify and verify a large number of exploration targets, giving us absolute confidence in our upcoming drill program.”

John Anderson
John Anderson, Interim CEO, Chairman of the Board & Director

Giga Metals

“TARGET enabled us to work our way through an immense volume of regional geological data to focus on areas prospective for the deposit types of interest to us. This is a type of regional survey that was previously possible only for a major mining company with a large team of geologists.  It is exciting to experience at first hand how artificial intelligence is now making this type of survey accessible to smaller companies.”

Mark Jarvis, CEO, Giga Metals
Mark Jarvis, CEO

Prospector LLC

“Minerva’s AI-powered mapping technology expands Prospector’s capabilities in exciting ways. By utilizing their team’s proven experience in building mineral target maps, we will be able to offer Prospector clients unique insights into new mining investment opportunities.”

Emily King, Prospector Founder
Emily King, Founder

Orogen Royalties

“With LEO, we are able to quickly search through thousands of documents using keywords related to our prospect-generation activities. LEO’s powerful functionality and ability to work with synonyms is particularly important to our evaluation of large collections of legacy documents. Its automated OCR makes bringing those legacy documents into our library a cinch.”

Dave Groves, P. Geo. VP Exploration

White Gold Corp.

“By using Minerva’s cognitive AI to identify the geochemical relationships between various structures, we can essentially get an unbiased second opinion to augment our own exploration effort and at a price that’s about the cost of a single borehole.”

Shawn Ryan
Shawn Ryan, Chief Technical Advisor

Exploration Consultant

“This is a fantastic automatized tool for generating exploration targets and workable areas.”

Exploration consultant on behalf of Giga Metals' TARGET project.


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