Minerva develops artificial intelligence (AI) applications for optimising mineral deposit discoveries by combining proprietary and open source AI technologies with other modern technologies such as virtual reality, and with proven legacy technologies such as geological block modelling.

Minerva’s proprietary software integrates semantic network, neural network, logic programming and reasoning with uncertainty technology with internationally-recognised earth science taxonomies to achieve knowledge interoperability and re-use. This optimum combination of AI technologies allows Minerva to find the best locations at which to conduct exploration, to explain why each location was identified, and to provide advice on what additional exploration information to look for at such locations.

The rise of AI is likely to be one of the most significant trends in the technology sector over the coming years. Advances in AI are impacting companies of all sizes and in various sectors as businesses look to improve decision making, reduce operating costs and enhance consumer experiences. The concept of what defines AI has changed over time, but at its core is machines being able to perform tasks that would typically require human perception and/or cognition.

Minerva believes that the use of AI will change how companies explore for mineral deposits in that they will focus on collecting standardised exploration data in a form that lends itself to interoperability, machine learning and machine reasoning.  Historical exploration work placed little emphasis on standardisation.

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