Minerva's technology has been used successfully by a number of clients, both public and private, over the last twelve years.  

Projects undertaken by Minerva typically involve close collaboration with one or two key members of the client’s staff.  These individuals are typically involved in the pre-processsing of their company's data when aligning the vocabulary with Minerva's knowledge base is required, as well as in subsequent field follow-up and refinement of targets identified by Minerva.  Minerva is, however, able to carry out all these functions if such staff are not available.  Efficient workflows developed from previous projects and applied to new projects make for quick and cost-effective target generation in most scenarios.

Current Projects

Minerva is currently engaged in a number of exploration targeting projects incorporating multiple sources of data in both two and three dimensions.  One, in the Quesnel terrane of British Columbia, incorporates significant volumes of both geophysics and geochemical data placed in the public domain by Geoscience BC.  The other, in a mature mining camp in British Columbia's "Golden Triangle", builds on over 25 years of 2D and 3D company exploration data - much, but not all, of which has been de-archived from government records.

Past Public Projects

Minerva has also carried out a number of projects for government agencies focused on generating public domain exploration targets to promote mining within their jurisdictions.  One example, dating back to 2004, was carried out in Canada's Yukon territory. Analysis of the exploration areas highlighted by that project show a very good correlation with claims held for exploration today, thirteen years after the study.  To learn more about Minerva’s work on this project visit www.yukonmineraltargets.com.

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