Minerva Intelligence Inc. is a private company focused on bringing the benefits of emerging artificial intelligence (AI) technology to the mining industry.

Mining companies are dependent on successful mineral exploration. It is a high risk business which can be richly rewarding for those that are successful. However, mineral exploration is getting tougher with the easy targets having been found and many exploration budgets being cut. Companies now have to do more with less. AI makes this possible, and, consequently, Minerva sees AI changing how companies explore for mineral deposits in the future.

In 2017, Minerva acquired the AI software and intellectual property of Georeference Online Ltd. (GOL), a company formed in 2000 to develop AI applications in geology. The co-founders of GOL, Mr. Clinton Smyth and Professor David Poole, also joined the Minerva team as CEO and Chief Software Architect, respectively. Clinton Smyth is a geologist and software developer with 40 years in mineral exploration with 25 of those years being spent at Anglo American, one of the largest mining companies in the world. David Poole has been a professor in the department of Computer Science at the University of British Columbia for 29 years and is also the director of UBC's Laboratory for Computational Intelligence. Both of them have published in the field of AI, Professor Poole extensively.

Minerva aims to reduce costs and improve success rates in mineral exploration. With Minerva technology, mining companies can do more with less.


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